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  • My name is Nancy,

    Throughout my life I knew there was a God but I rarely went to church. I had never read the bible so I never really knew him besides what I heard from others and also my mom would pray with me at night when I was afraid and to help me sleep. I lived a happy life until one day my whole world changed. When I was a young girl, I was abused by 3 different men at 3 different times in my life. This left a scar in me. Ever since then I have had nightmares constantly, almost every week. I dreamed that someone dressed in black was coming for me and I couldn’t move. I lived a life with resentment and hurt. I got married at the age of 18. My husband helped me when I was so afraid to go to sleep , I had him wake me up if he saw that I was shaking around or mumbling for help in my sleep. I had gone to a psychologist when I was a teen and also when I was an adult. The Psychologist explained to me why I acted the way I did and explained that because of this lack of control of what happened to me in the past, it caused me to be controlling as an adult with everyone that was close to me. This explanation didn't help me much in my hurt and problems I had throughout life. I was very controlling in every area in my life, especially with my husband, I made sure that he knew I would not take 1 mistake from him or I would leave him. I was ready to make him pay if he ever betrayed me or hurt me in anyway. I was also violent, I would break things in my home, from glasses, pictures, plates and pretend that I was not afraid of anything and demanded that everything in my home would be done my way. I went through most of my marriage telling my husband to leave every time we had an argument because I wanted him to know that I could make it on my own and didn’t need him and that I would never allow anyone to hurt me again. I lead a destructive life. Travel and parties was all I looked forward to every year , which always ended in me getting drunk, acting stupid and broke. Meanwhile at these parties my husband would get drunk too and many times we would both wake up the next day, most of the time not even remembering how the night before ended. All these things gave me temporary happiness because I never found joy with anything I had. At the end, I was never truly happy because nothing could fill the void I had in me and found myself back with the nightmares, regrets and planning my next trip. My attitude had pushed my whole family away from me. Of course all this reckless life ended up in my husband being unfaithful and in revenge I also cheated on him. One day I found myself alone. My daughter Jessica got married against my will just to get out of the house. My daughter Paola told me she wanted to live with her dad. My husband was leaving me for his childhood sweetheart and we also went bankrupt. The most important people in my life no longer wanted to be around me. My mother died a few years before this. I didn’t want to live anymore. I thought of many ways to kill myself and planned it out but fear kept me from doing it. While I was going through this, my family in Ecuador put me in contact with a pastor. I paid a pretty high phone bill those 2 months LOL. He asked me if I believed that God really exists and If I believed he is mighty and powerful and he can do anything. My response was yes, I do believe he exists. He then said if you truly have faith then why do you want to kill yourself if God can fix any problem you have? I told him what had happened in my past and present and I told him I could not forgive the things that had been done to me. I also told him my marriage was so broken and that I didn't think it could every be restored. He then told me that If I didn’t forgive then God would not forgive me either. Matthew 6:14-15. He also told me that God says in the bible, in Ephesians 3:20 that God is able to do far more that what I could possible imagine. I remember thinking to myself, wow, my marriage could be so great that I couldn't even imagine how that could be?
    Every day I spoke to this pastor for hours and he would give me more bible verses to read. Day by day God’s words pierced my heart and he began to transform me from the inside. I started to discover Gods love and began to feel love for my husband. I learned of Gods forgiveness and began to forgive all the people that have hurt me. I felt the time came to wipe off my knees and get up and start a new life without the hurt and give up any addictions that was hurting me and fill myself with GOD because I realized that he was the only one that will never let me down and he is the only one that can heal me and bless my life If I’m obedient to him. In the middle of all of this I found divorce papers and a lawyers card in my husbands nightstand. I fell back into depression and started questioning if God could really fix my marriage, I didn't believe God could really change my situation around at this point. I decided to drink one more time. I took a bottle of whiskey and got in my car and left. I drove around until I lost consciousness. The next day my daughter found me in my front lawn because my dogs were barking like crazy at the window and when she looked out to see why they were barking so much she saw that it was me, laying in my front lawn, passed out. My husband and kids carried me in. The next day I was thinking of what had happened and how I could have killed myself or someone else. I ran to my backyard and kneeled in the middle of my yard and screamed out to God to forgive me of all my sins and to help me because I didn’t want to loose my life. I told God I was willing to give up everything in my life that was not pleasing to him , but to help me regain my family. I didn’t want to kill myself, I wanted to live and I wanted my family back! I promised him I would put him first in my life and be obedient, Ever since that moment I began to go to Church every week, I prayed about everything and started to have faith that GOD was going to help me. I didn’t need anything else to fill my sorrow because I found God.
    God ‘s words healed me from the hurt . God gave me peace to know that it was ok for me not to have control of everything, I gave this control to God. I didn’t need to be tuff anymore because I had a heavenly father watching over me and taking care of me ( Deuteronomy 31:6). I asked God for wisdom and he gave it to me through his word. I stopped having those horrible nightmares finally after over 25 years. I learned to pray for everything and to trust GOD in everything. My life turned around, I started feeling joy even though I was still having problems with my husband. I now had the security of my Heavenly father watching over me and holding me up like he hold the stars in the sky. I finally began to have peace in the middle of the storm.
    I did the "Love Dare" book, 30 day challenge I saw from the movie fireproof and began to try to win my husbands heart back because I no longer saw love in his eyes. He told me he hated me and that our marriage was over, but in the middle of all of this, I was ready to put all my faith in God and believe that he would bring my marriage back to life.

    After I gave my life to Christ my husband saw a change in me, at first he thought I was putting on a show because I wanted him back and he would tell me that soon I would go back to my old self. As time went by he realized that I would never go back to who I was and that I had really changed. The fact that I gave him so much love when he was doing the opposite with me bought him to want to learn more of God and in the same way his heart was also transformed.

    Every since that special year in 2010, my marriage has been restored. My husband and I are free from the addictions. My Husband, daughters and I have been baptized as a public testimony of our faith (Acts 2:38) and we are living a Godly life. I’m so ready to make up for lost time. I feel so great being a true role model for my children and being looked up to by my husband. I can actually sit down and talk to my husband as friends, we have gotten to know each other more now without the barriers we had before. We go for long walks in the park and ride bikes together, he tells me stuff from his childhood and teenage years I never knew. I take a week of vacation every year on Valentines week and we go on a “love Cruise “ to renew our vows under the stars in the middle of the ocean. My husband went from being insensitive, alcoholic and uncaring person to now being such a gentleman that opens the door for me, draws me love hearts, we pray together, he reads me bible verses everyday and we are walking hand in hand together following God. This year we will be celebrating our 28th anniversary. The black cloud that was over me my whole life has moved away and I feel Gods light over me!

    My husband one day said he wanted to build something special in my backyard, a special place for me to read my bible and pray. I was in shock because not to long ago he was telling me how much he hated me. My daughters and I watched from the window as he build this cross, he didn't know it at that time but he put the cross in the backyard (see attached pictures), in the same place where I once kneeled down broken and lost, the same place where I gave my life to Christ and choose to live and was saved. While I watched him building this cross , I felt God telling me that my life and marriage that once was dead now has life.

    Thank You God because of your Grace and love I am saved. I didn’t know it at that time, but that horrible year of 2010, turned out to be the best year of my life, because the result of the hard time and tribulations, brought me to the cross and I lifted my eyes to find God. It was God’s love that came to me, saved me and change my life. My life is not perfect because we live in an imperfect world and only in heaven will all be perfect but the difference now is that I have Jesus Christ in my times of trouble as my healer, my comforter, my hope, my guide, my teacher. I’m born again spiritually to begin a new life….you ask yourself , How does that come to be? Ephesians 2:8-9 states, "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast." When one is "saved," he/she has been born again, spiritually renewed, and is now a child of God by right of new birth. Trusting in Jesus Christ, the One who paid the penalty of sin when He died on the cross, is what it means to be "born again" spiritually. "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17.

    Nancy Ordonez - Houston Tx
  • My husband and I just celebrated our 20 year anniversary. We owe many thanks to the Love Like You Mean It Cruise. Last October, we were not sure where our marriage was headed and the seminars we attended on the cruise made it possible for us to reconnect on a level we never thought possible. We are booked for next year and excited about learning more to help strenghten our marriage.
    Shawn and Brandi - Richlands, NC
  • Last year was the second year we attend the cruise and we will be coming again this next year, so far with two more couples attending with us. My husband Brent and I have now been married for 15 years and the last few years we have struggled with major issues which had lead us both to file for divorce. I think it becomes hard once your children are grown and your parents are aging and you look at each other and wonder, "What now?" As a woman I had spent years focused on everything other than me or my husband that when left with us, I was lost! This cruise saved our marriage and gave us both a chance to focus on each other and helped us to realize that no matter what we face in life as long as we focus our eyes on God together we can do anything!
    Brent & Danie Edwards - Adams, TN
  • This was our first cruise ever and we LOVED it!! We are booked for next year!!
    The McDonalds - Salem, OR
  • We can't say enough about this cruise! Folks this is 5 (now 6) days of quality time to spend with the love of your life, the one who gives you those feelings no one else can. Does the thought of 6 days with your spouse scare you? Then sign up NOW!! It's totally worth it!! Have the perfect marriage and don't see the need? Then sign up NOW!! It's totally worth it!! From start to finish you will truly be RELAXED. From start to finish you will REDISCOVER each other. From start to finish the ROMANCE...well it is a couples cruise. Talk about a time to rediscover! Anyway...From start to finish this is a time you will RENEW yourselves to one another and God. And without a doubt it is a time you will always REMEMBER. But I do have to warn you: From the moment you step off the ship on Saturday you'll be planning for the next one and 6 wonderful days of RELAX, REDISCOVER, ROMANCE, RENEW, REMEMBER. Yes, folks, it really is worth it! Do it! Today!
    Jamie & Marj Hamblet - Isabel, SD
  • This was our first cruise ever, and it was fabulous!! We are booked for next year, Lord willing! The speakers were so great, so focused on the gospel! We needed this time together it was so special. We are excited about next year, and having an extra day!! Can't wait! Thanks so much!
    Pertti and Michelle Laitinen - Alberta, Canada
  • Best week ever, sharing life with other couples who are like minded or who are trying to reconnect with their spouse . Celebrated our 25 years together and can't wsit to go again.
    Bob & Jeannie Deno - Kennewick , Washington
  • Every year since God saved my life and marriage, we renew our vows under the stars on the "Love Like you mean it Cruise" I cry of happiness when my husband looks in my eyes, under the stars, with so much love and I remember, Ephesians 3:20. I'm reminded that if we seek his kingdom first, God can do so much more than we can possibly imagine. That is what this cruise is for me every year, a reminder that God took a dead marriage and life and turned it into a wedding anniversary every February. Thank you Lord for Family Life and this cruise!
    Nancy Ordonez - Conroe Texas
  • We always have an amazing time on these cruises and look forward to next year's which we're already signed up for. Looking to bring a group along too, so others can experience the wonderful closeness that the entire cruise promotes. Can't wait!!!
    Bill & Jen Craft - York, PA
  • We had an Amazing time in LLYMICruise!
    Our first cruise ever & Lord willing we will be going every year!
    We Celebrated our 20th Anniversary, we were blessed with every conference, every concert & every activity.
    Our Oneness is on an Amazing level & God has been so good!
    Our Marriage was on the verge of Divorce 5 years ago, we went thru the worst things, but we are proof that any Marriage has a chance to be what God created it to be. We started a Marriage Ministry at our church and it has been amazing Journey!
    Rafael & Francis - Chicago, IL
  • This was our second LLYMI 2016 and 2014. Life changing and worth every dollar you spend.
    Michael and Debbie Frost - Gardners, PA
  • The 2016 "Love Like You Mean It" Marriage Cruise was our first ever cruise, and it was an awesome experience! For us, the main takeaway was the opportunity to unplug and slow down for a week, and concentrate on our marriage. Life had become so fast and busy; in 2015 I worked almost 800 hours overtime. This cruise was a perfect opportunity to reconnect. Additionally, the teachings were very grounded and appropriate, and the music was worshipful and uplifting. Also, this is a very safe cruise, without all the distractions and nonsense of a secular cruise. We signed up for the 2017 LLYMI Marriage Cruise while onboard, and the Prize Patrol caught up with us at dinner and surprised us with a hundred dollars! Thank you, Family Life!
    Emerson & Ruth Anne Champion - Beautiful Downtown Pasadena, Maryland